• Train the influence, communication, and leadership skills you need to be more effective in all your environments and all your teams: work, home, and family.
  • Speak and listen like an executive coach. Incorporate the tools of executive coaches and practice what you've learned during the program with colleagues and our coaches.
  • Leadership starts with self-leadership. You will work personal challenges with a professional EEC coach during an individual coaching process.
  • This Leader-Coach Training Program is 100% Online and in English.

    Transformational Leadership

    This style of leadership is proactive and seeks to change the culture of an organization or a team. Change is its ultimate goal.

    Live Online

    Synchronous classroom 'learning by doing' training plus an individual online coaching process for each participant.

    Technical Support

    Technical follow-up by the technical coordinator assigned to the program for the proper functioning of the group al every stage of the training.

    Be part of the experience.
    Leader-Coach Training Program
    «As an effective manager-as-coach ask questions instead of providing answers, support coworkers instead of judging them, and facilitate their development instead of dictating what has to be done».

    Leader-Coach Training Program

    As a professional, you seek to influence teams to ensure alignment is met.

    As an executive, you must adapt and continously learn-to-learn in order to stay in the game of this fast and constant changing context.

    As a leader, you value and want to promote creativity, innovation, energy, and commitment in yourself and your teams.

    • You will improve your capacity of influence, communication, and leadership.

    • You will be able to manage and take Coaching skills and tools into your professional work of a manager, with your team and your organization.

    • You will learn a new MindSet that enables you to focus on flexibility and opportunity instead of failure; trust and learning instead of fear.

    • You will engage with people in a new and more effective way: accepting needs and emotions, and focusing on results.

    • Manage as a coach: you will work on your conversational skills by goin over how you:

      — propose your ideas? (context, language, emotion)
      — listen to other people’s proposals? (empathy, active listening)
      — reach agreements? (creativity)
      — find solutions? (staying away from guilt)
      — satisfy opposite needs? (finding common ground)
      — promote commitment? (motivation)
    Transformational leadership vs. Transactional Leadership

    The relationship between a manager and the ones you lead. I How to create context and trust I The importance of listening. The coherence between body, emotion and language. Identifying coaching concepts I Believes I Deeper approach to generating context and listening.

    Mental models: beliefs, facts, and reviews. How to get others to question their limiting beliefs and change them by powerful ones. I 360o Feedback Tool Development and its implementation through case studies.

    Ideal situation and Action Plan I Power of a vision I Resistance to change I Tracking and measuring. Designing a conversation.


    You will have an executive coaching process with a professional coach. Each coaching process consists of three individual sessions. They will be set by you and your coach privately. The time for each session is between 2 hours and 1 1/2 hours.

    This Leader-Coach Training Program 100% online and in English is a TOTAL OF 46 HOURS.

    • 32 HOURS training in online sessions.
      These Training Webinars are divided into 8 sessions of 4 hours each.

    • 6 HOURS coaching process with your coach.
      This Coaching Process is divided in 3 individual sessions of 2/1,5 hours each

    • 8 HOURS of individual reading and studying time

    Learning Culture. All Training Sessions are structured dynamics so you individually integrate what is worked on collectively. Each one of us needs to develop some skills more than others. Your path is unique, it is only yours.

    Experiential training. Our educational approach is based on the combination of theoretical sessions with permanent practices.

    Business approach: the teaching sessions and case studies focus on the analysis of challenges, opportunities, areas for improvement and strengths to improve and stimulate the path to achievement.

    Synchronous classroom: allows online live teaching and training. These synchronous sessions are in real time between colleagues and EEC trainers, coaches, or supervisors. We use a specific computer platform for training and provide personalized technical assistance at every stage of the connection

    At the end of the program, your will receive a diploma by EEC as trained in this ACSTH program by ICF. ACSTH stands for Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.

    • The program is supported by EEC Campus, a multi-device platform that will allow you to access material, documentation and academic proposals complementary to training 24x7, from any place and at any time.

    • At EEC Campus you will also be able to establish contact with your colleagues, facilitators, and coaches to generate new learning from collaboration. This EEC Campus is developed by Canvas, the tool used by 9 of the 10 best Business Schools in the world.

    • We offer you a technical assistance service during the whole training.

    • Technology specialists will assist you during each and every online connection, to ensure that you can view all the training in a synchronous classroom. In addition, technical support is extended to the EEC Campus, to ensure that you can access and use this virtual academic platform correctly.
       In order to be part of this program, you must:

    • Have an University degree.
    • Have between 3 and 5 years of professional experience, some of them as a manager.
    • Have a genuine interest in people and in your own personal growth.

    • Steps to enroll in the program:

    • Complete an online registration form that we will email you.
    • Send an updated picture and resume.
    • Sign a confidentiality agreement, which guarantees a protected working environment for all participants.
    • Choose your paying method: bank transfer or by credit card through our website. .
    • Hold a personal telephone, online or face-to-face interview with our Admission Specialists.

    * Access EEC Campus is granted on the days prior to the start of each training course and it will be necessary to have paid for the program in order to start browsing. Consult conditions.

    If you have any questions about the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@escuelacoaching.com.

    LEADER-COACH TRAINING PROGRAM _____________ 2.178€

  • 10% discount if you are unemployed, have a Psychologist Degree, or have special needs. Please, check with us your final price.
  • If an Organization is paying for the program, it can be subsided by the Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo – FUNDAE.
  • Check other special offers.
  • What participants say about our programs

    Gabriela Erice, Belgium
    Executive Coaching Certification Program
    "The experiential and practical part is spectacular. Throughout the training, there is constant practice that allows you to consolidate and learn to apply everything you experience in the classes. This set you off on a process of personal growth and development that I find fundamental to then be able to accompany others."
    Amalia Santos, Barcelona
    Executive Coaching Certification Program
    "The moment I walked into EEC I felt that I belonged there. I enjoyed the training methods, the content, the group dynamics and the practical exercises. I learned that the quality of a relationships depends on the conversations and that I am the too. Today, I am a freelance leadership and executive coach and I facilitate and coach and coaching is not only my profession, it’s part of who I am, it's my passion."
    Jeremy Attelly, Manchester
    Executive Coaching Certification Program
    "I'm extremely pleased. It was a such a great development at that exact moment of time where I was looking at different professional opportunities besides doing coaching. I just realize how powerful this course has been. It was important at the time I was attending the school but it's even bigger now, because I realize the real transformation this course has brought to me in the way of how I express myself, how I think, and how I'm able to connect with people; it's pretty much amazing to see how you are a different person, and actually different in a good sense, because it's something connected to your gut, your feelings and your emotions. I know exactly who I am, what I want to do and I just enjoy it."

    The team

    A highly qualified group of people. Led by Silvia Guarnieri and Eva López-Acevedo founding partners of European School of Coaching, supported by a flexible and cross-disciplinary organization. More than 18 years of experience, more than 17,000 professionals from all over the world have trained with us.

    Facilitators, coaches and trainers at European School of Coaching are specialized in Executive Coaching and are certified by European School of Coaching. We all hold qualifications from the ICF (International Coaching Federation) as well as extensive professional and business experience.

    All our teaching team meet the requirements laid out by the ICF:

    • An evaluation and continuous training itinerary.
    • We adhere to the ICF code of ethics.
    • And in addition, supervisors have the Mentor Coach qualification approved by ICF.


    Ariel Etbul

    European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

    Emilio Arsuaga

    European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

    Fiona Tucker

    European School of Coaching Executive Coach & Team Coach

    Rosa Coto

    European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

    Ruth Gavilán

    European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach and Mentor Coach

    Sofia Taouqi

    European School of Coaching Executive Coach

    Erik Vermeulen

    European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

    Vanessa Sancho

    European School of Coaching Executive Coach

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