Designed entirely by EEC, European School of Coaching, the Helix Model© offers a way to succeed in today's changing and liquid reality constantly at flow, a methodology that facilitates a sustainable style of leadership, with prioritizable itineraries.
A model of Self-Development and Conscious Leadership that enhances:
Personal Leadership or Self-leadership
Relational or Influential Leadership
Organizational or impact leadership
Be a part of the experience.
Helix Model© by EEC.
«Not becoming attached to what we do, is already one of the most important talents. We are not what we do today: what we are capable of doing today is just a fraction of our infinite capacity.»

Helix Methodology

An adaptable and customizable model that allows any organization to choose between three aspects of leadership (individual, team and organizational leadership) and start addressing the transformation of leadership and development of its own leadership culture.
In addition to being modular, the project stands out for how easily it transfers to the workplace, as it is based on learning-by-doing training, always carried out in-company through action plans and specific follow-ups based on a combination of coaching, mentoring and consultancy.
An integrated and holistic intervention framework, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts, that includes tools from multiple disciplines and a methodological proposal that ensures the sustainability of long-term results through the implementation of action plans, consulting advice and concrete follow-up actions.

The team

A highly qualified team. All European School of Coaching facilitators and trainers are specialized in Executive Coaching and are certified by European School of Coaching. They hold the maximum level international accreditations and ICF, ACC; PCC, MCC, as well as having solid professional and business expertise. We are Scrum Master certified and seasoned in agile contexts and frameworks. We are endorsed by more than 18 years of experience and over 17,000 professionals that we have trained worldwide.

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