All theoretical concepts taught throughout the knowledge sessions are complemented by experimentation and practical application.


Learn and train different roles: team member, scrum master, product owner, stakeholder, agile team coach.

Incorporate 53 ICF continuing education credits to advance your career as a coach and renew or access ACC, PCC and MCC accreditations.

Be part of the experience.
Team Coaching Program
«The uncertain, liquid and unpredictable organizational context raises a fear that leaders must address by generating empowered networks and fostering trust throughout the organization.»

The programme

Certified coaches who wish to:

  • complement their training with a framework of agile fundamentals with two of the main frameworks, Scrum and Kanban.
  • integrate into their professional range the skills of intervening with team coaching tools in teams deploying agile frameworks.
MODULE 1 | Agile Fundamentals for coaches


the principles of agile management in its most operational aspects (Doing Agility: practices and frameworks with Scrum and Kanban) and also in its human and cultural aspects (Being Agile: Mindset).


link the practices of the Agile world (in its approach, principles, and rituals) with the tools of the Coaching world.


fundamental knowledge of the agile mindset and the two main agile frameworks, Scrum and Kanban, allowing the team coach to understand the work context in which the team operates, as well as team coaching tools to accelerate systemic learning to intervene in Scrum ceremonies.


professional coaches into the world of agility and enhance the development of teams in their work contexts where they develop under agile values, principles and practices.

MÓDULO 2 | Team coaching

Participants will acquire Team Coaching tools, to intervene in agile teams with a systemic view that will help them to:

  • UNDERSTAND the various dynamics of a team.
  • SUSTAIN THE FOCUS on ceremonies.
  • OVERCOME obstacles and sustain the flow.
  • ENCOURAGE shared learning, enhancing its value not only in the retros.
  • PROMOTE THE CONSTANT EXCHANGE OF VALUABLE FEEDBACK among team members and with any other interlocutor.
  • SUSTAIN THE BIG PICTURE connecting the team at all times with the product, with each other and with other systems with which they must necessarily interact.
  • MIRRORING the team for them to become aware of the degree of alignment between their actions and Agile values to enhance their effectiveness.
  • SERVE AS AN EXAMPLE to model behaviours, skills and beliefs.

This Agile Team Coaching Programme is divided into two modules: Agile Fundamentals for coaches and Team coaching. You can take the complete programme (both modules) or each module independently: only Module 1 or only Module 2.

The programme was developed entirely in online mode, in accordance with an "experiential learning" approach. All theoretical concepts taught throughout the sessions have a complement of experimentation and practical application at other times, to promote the integration of learning through experience.

The training is live online (synchronous classroom) to develop the theory and practice sessions and is delivered through the EEC CAMPUS, where participants have access to the synchronous sessions, to the contents and materials of the programme and to interact with the rest of the participants and the teaching staff.

You will participate in this learning experience in two different roles.


The programme takes place in a didactic sequence that simulates a complete Scrum Sprint. The various development teams will listen to a real needs through the user stories shared by a Product Owner from another team. From that moment on, each team will elaborate a prototype during the different daily ceremonies, starting with the Sprint Planning of the first day and ending with a final Retro, after presenting the result of a first iteration in the Review of the last day.


At the same time, each development team will be accompaniment by another team, in each ceremony, members of that team will in turn exercise the role of Team Coach Agile, applying the tools learned throughout the programme in the dev. team they accompany.

The Coaching for Agile Teams Programme is divided into 2 modules. You can take the whole programme (both modules) or one of either module independently M1 or M2.
The total duration of the program is 69 hours.

MODULE 1 | Agile Fundamentals for Coaches | 16 hours
  • 4 meetings of 4 hours each
MODULE 2 | Team coaching | 53 hours
  • 10 meetings of 4 hours of theory and practice
  • 5 meetings of 2 hours of teamwork
  • 3h for prework, postwork and learning reviews

  • Agile Fundamentals for coaches: 650€ + VAT
  • EEC Alumni Price: 585€ + VAT
  • Team coaching for Agile: 1900€ + VAT
  • EEC Alumni Price: 1.710€ + VAT

Request the Registration Form to formalize your enrollment at info@escuelacoaching.com

With this training programme, as a student you will add to your official qualification as a professional coach, 50 CCE credits by ICF, as well as the Scrum Master Certificate, awarded by ScrumManager.com, once you pass the exam.

You will also have the option to opt to take an exam (online) at a higher level and get the "Scrum Level Essentials" certificate. To do so, you will receive the training content online.

As soon as you have acquired these 3 certifications (Professional Coach, Scrum Master and Scrum Level Essentials), you can apply for the «Agile Coach» certification at ScrumManager.com.

What to participants say about our team coaching for agile Program

Sara Cuesta, Madrid
Team Coaching for Agile Program
"I would like to highlight the rich and very intense emotions transmitted through a computer screen during this program. This is not only due to the platform that the European School of Coaching has developed for remote training, which is very practical, but it is also thanks to the cast of professors at the school, great coaches who have the ability to generate the context for all this to happen. For me, this certification seems to be an ideal complement to our career as coaches and from it you will take away tools to observe the dynamics of the system or to understand what a systemic view is, as well as a series of other tools."
Salvador Miguel Calvo, Madrid
Team Coaching for Agile Program
"I have been able to discover many very useful techniques and tools that will help me to accompany the teams in the conversations they need during their agility activities. Also, a team of students from different countries with whom we really enjoyed the whole learning experience. And the teachers. A teaching staff of real luxury. They are very committed professionals with all their passion and all their heart to help us overcome all the demands of this program. I want to thank European School of Coaching for the innovative nature of this programme with which I believe they are expanding their futures."
Meritxel Arque, Barcelona
Team Coaching for Agile Program
"The programme has given me a very complete vision of both the technical world of agile and team coaching for agile environments. This very practical environment allowed us to live, in first person, the principles and the agile manifesto: we have lived it in our own flesh. For me, it was very enriching to do this training at all levels, both personally and professionally. I would also like to highlight the generosity of all my colleagues in the programme, who provided a high level throughout this process. The next world is an agile world, do not hesitate to do this training, I recommend it, make the leap. I am convinced that transformation is possible."

The team

A highly qualified group of people. Led by Silvia Guarnieri and Eva López-Acevedo founding partners of European School Of Coaching, supported by a flexible and cross-disciplinary organization. More than 18 years of experience, more than 17,000 professionals from all over the world have trained with us.

Facilitators, coaches and trainers at European School of Coaching are specialized in Executive Coaching and are certified by European School of Coaching. We all hold qualifications from the ICF (International Coaching Federation) as well as extensive professional and business experience.

All our teaching team meet the requirements laid out by the ICF:

  • An evaluation and continuous training itinerary.
  • We adhere to the ICF code of ethics.
  • And in addition, supervisors have the Mentor Coach qualification approved by ICF.


Ariel Etbul

European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

Emilio Arsuaga

European School of Coaching Executive Coach

Fiona Tucker

European School of Coaching Executive Coach & Team Coach

Rosa Coto

European School of Coaching Executive Coach

Ruth Gavilán

European School of Coaching Executive Coach

Fernando Vargas

European School of Coaching Executive Coach

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