Tailor-made workshops to meet your challenges, so you and the people in your organization can:

  • improve your relationships and results.
  • become skilled at giving, asking for and receiving feedback.
  • achieve a challenging and defiant vision for the company.
  • manage emotions so they contribute to the improvement of results.
  • build a sustained agile culture over time.
  • give tech experts soft skills that facilitate their development.
  • repair or build trust, which is the baseline for teams to take risks.
Be a part of the experience.
Leader Coach Model
«The flow of any leadership depends on the quality of the relationship between leader and team. A conscious leader is the one who generates the emotional context for things to happen.»

You and your organization

We create spaces where you can reflect on your individual or collective necessities, whether you are a director, manager, salesperson, human resources specialist, etc.


Based on an assessment of the current situation and the target you have set, we will propose a series of tools, concepts, ideas or competencies that you can put into practice throughout the workshops.
The length of the project, and its impact will depend on your specific situation, needs and goals.

The team

A highly qualified team. All European School of Coaching facilitators and trainers are specialized in Executive Coaching and are certified by European School of Coaching. They hold the maximum level international accreditations and ICF, ACC; PCC, MCC, as well as having solid professional and business expertise. We are Scrum Master certified and seasoned in agile contexts and frameworks. We are endorsed by more than 18 years of experience and over 17,000 professionals that we have trained worldwide.

EEC is boutique consulting