We offer you a series of talks for up to 100 people, with a mixed methodology, combining a motivational speech and an interactive space to enhance the transfer of what is said to the workplace and the day to day reality of each participant.
Be a part of the experience.
Inspirational Talks
«Working on ourselves helps us be aware of what motivates us today, what our interests, desires, or needs are which is vital to identify our hidden talents and to find happiness in new paths.»


Based on an assessment of your current situation and the objective you have set, we will propose a series of tools, concepts, values, and competencies.
In collaboration with you, we will be able to design the theme, the audience, the duration, the frequency (if needed) and all the necessary variables to uncover the potential and talent by expanding the future.

The team

A highly qualified team. All European School of Coaching facilitators and trainers are specialized in Executive Coaching and are certified by European School of Coaching. They hold the maximum level international accreditations and ICF, ACC; PCC, MCC, as well as having solid professional and business expertise. We are Scrum Master certified and seasoned in agile contexts and frameworks. We are endorsed by more than 18 years of experience and over 17,000 professionals that we have trained worldwide.

EEC is boutique consulting