Individual coaching starts a process of self-reflection that aims to develop the client's potential through concrete actions that can be developed and trained on the job.
The process generates change at a personal level that translates into new results. Goals, process, and work are absolutely confidential.
Be a part of the experience.
Individual Executive Coaching Process
«The stories we tell ourselves are full of powerful and limiting beliefs. When we review the story and manage to change it to one that gives us greater capacity for action, then we have already changed.»

Goals for an Individual Coaching Process

  • The process allows us to define our objectives with precision and clarity. It helps us identify where to best focus our efforts to achieve them.
  • It offers another view of reality, through analysing and questioning beliefs, skills or habits and unproductive behaviours.
  • It is an opportunity to explore other alternatives that we have not seen before and that can open up new possibilities to achieve our goals.
  • Reinforce conversational skills, team management and leadership.


The coaching process

The process consists in coaching sessions (meetings or process driven conversations) between the coach and their client. A coaching process has a specific duration that is fixed before starting and depends on the challenge to be met. A coaching process usually consists of 6 to 10 sessions over a period of about six months.

The coaching session

A session is each of the meetings that take place between coach and coachee. It lasts approximately 90 minutes. During this time, the coach will work with the coachee to revise, change or reframe their viewpoint, that is to say, to broaden how they view their reality and discover new possibilities for action.

  • A time defined process with a beginning and an end
  • Between two people: coach and coachee
  • In search of an objective and a declared challenge
  • Based on planned, private, and confidential conversations (language, emotion, and body).
  • Using questioning methodology to explore beliefs, values, strengths, and limitations.
  • The coachee makes the decisions and commits to learning and change.
  • With this commitment, they move in a certain direction, deploying their full potential to achieve extraordinary results.

The team

All executive coaches working at European School of Coaching have extensive experience in Executive Coaching and are accredited by our executive coaching school (in a program certified in turn by the International Coach Federation as an “Accredited Coach Training Program”).

Before beginning the process and based upon the manager’s profile (the coachee), we will consider the selection of the coach in collaboration with Human Resources, in order to maximize the match of the coach’s profile to the specific needs of the coachee.

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