Experiment change through live online training sessions, with 'learning by doing' activities, plus an individual online coaching process for you and all of the participants.


You will receive technical assistance and follow-up from a technical coordinator assigned to the program to ensure the correct functioning of your connection.


Your evolution as a student-coach will be unique, we will ensure that you internalize all of the key competencies necessary to become a coach by the end of the program.

Be part of the experience.
Executive Coaching Certification Program
«Coaching helps the client review what is, in any given moment, the best action available to them to achieve their goals»

The program

  • Executives, Middle Management, and Team Leaders who want to enhance their self-leadership, their ability to influence, the quality of their relationships and the leadership of their teams and their environment.
  • HR professionals who want to acquire more competencies focused on people to increase their influence in the organization and in the results.
  • Head-hunters, consultants, who seek to expand their portfolio of services and/or acquire new skills in their professional field.
  • Professionals: teachers, communicators, lawyers, etc. looking to expand their resources and skills for great impact and better results.
  • Psychologists, therapists who want to incorporate new tools and approaches to accompany their clients.
  • Non-certified coaches seeking to obtain a prestigious credential recognized in the market.
  • People who want to grow as individuals and professionals with greater conscious awareness of self and who can impact others and the world.
What will you acquire at Cycle I and Cycle II?
  • New techniques and skills to enhance your professional and personal development.
  • More effective leadership and the ability to put coaching tools into practice in your organization and in your environment.
  • Increase your self-knowledge, expand your individual ability, learning to recognize and to use your personal talents and resources now and in the future.
  • Embark on a new professional career as an executive coach.
  • Develop a second career looking to the future aside from what you are doing today.
This Executive Coaching Certification program is divided in two parts: Cycle I Initiation and Cycle II Certification.

In order to receive the Certification participants must complete both Cycles.

Cycle I: 46 hours: 32 training hours, 6 coaching practices, 8 individual study hours.

Cycle II 150 hours: training webinars, practices, mentoring and 25 individual study hours.

This is how you'll learn and train coaching skills:
1. Theory-based training webinars with experiential activities.
2. Practical training — Coaching practices.
3. Mentoring.
4. Homework and Evaluation Exercises.

1. Theory-based training webinars with experiential activities.
Transformational Leadership
  • Key leadership competencies
  • Empowerment and Trust
  • Responsibility and commitment
Approaching coaching
  • Beliefs supporting our actions
  • Identifying beliefs to achieve new results
Questions as the foundation of coaching
  • Clarifying questions
  • Questions to open up new possibilities
  • How to influence with questions
Conversational model
Listening as an essential skill
  • Listening for transformational leadership
  • Conditioned listening and empathetic listening
Non-verbal communication
  • Recognizing and acknowledging language, emotion, body language
  • Identifying how our communication leads to certain actions
Perception and reality
  • Awareness to provide effective responses
  • Coordinating with others to gain effectiveness
Decision-making model
  • Understanding decision making
  • Distinguishing facts and opinions
Building relationships
  • Labelling – Influencing
  • Feedback and feedforward
  • Transforming relationships so they become productive
  • Awareness of public image and identity to change relationships
Designing Vision
  • Achieving extraordinary goals
  • Team commitment – shared vision
  • Effective monitoring for sustained changed
  • Commitment – Action – Result model
Developing an Action Plan
  • Transforming SMART goals into actions
  • Essential areas – identifying key conversations for reaching goals
Model for the coordination of action
  • Designing effective conversations for possibility, opportunity, and coordination of action
  • Making requests and offers to achieve successful results
  • Vulnerability as strength
Analyzing conversations
  • Identifying elements
  • Facts - Opinions
  • Assertions
  • Commitments
  • Requests
  • Offers
  • Grounding judgements
  • Language to build reality
Vision building
  • Leadership skills to accompany a team vision
  • Training vision alignment – expectations – commitments
  • Challenging the future and building commitment
Emotions in leader-coach
  • The role of emotions in successful action
  • Awareness
  • Decision making – managing emotions
  • Leadership and team emotions
Dealing with extreme circumstances
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Tools for productive conversations
  • Interacting with extreme characters
  • Leading as the most valuable tool
Building awareness of ‘presence’ as a potent leadership skill
  • Strengthening presence to hold effective conversations
  • Providing and receiving authentic feedback
  • Reflecting on personal resources and limiting obstacles
2. Practical training — Coaching practices.
  • An individual coaching process (you as a client) with a professional coach.
  • Practical training (you as a coach) to complete all required coaching sessions with a mentor supervisor.
  • Small working teams
  • A mentor coach works with each trainee at an individual level
  • Aim to gain abilities and practice coaching competencies
  • Twelve coaching sessions: six sessions will be supervised in real-time and six will be held privately
  • Each session is followed by a session report submitted to the Mentor coach to get their feedback
  • Mandatory to comply with ICF requirements
3. Mentoring.
Training sessions to practice core coaching competencies and the ICF competency model.
4. Homework and Evaluation Exercises.
  • Trainees will complete 3 assignments to work on with their assigned professional coach
  • Trainees are to work on 2 assignments to receive feedback from their mentor-coach
  • Written exam, to assess how concepts are being integrated
  • Written exam, case-based to be completed at midterm, and final exam at program-end
  • Final exam, coaching session as required by ICF.

We understand coaching as an art, and we believe that in order to practice as a coach it’s not enough to master the theory and know the technique at a conceptual level. An executive coach must put into practice what they have learned and operate with the tools that allow them to achieve results.

Our teaching approach is based on a combination of lectures with continuous practice that guarantee a rounded training programme that ensures transformational learning, through:

Entry requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least three years’ work experience.
  • Completion of a registration form.
  • Submit a profile photo and an updated resume.
  • A one-to-one interview.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of the programme to guarantee a safe working environment for all participants.
Successful completion entails:
  • 80% attendance at all training sessions
  • Completion of the training and coaching practices and all reports.
  • Completion and on-time delivery of all assignments
  • Pass the Written Exams and Final Exam
  • Sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  • A commitment to upholding the ICF Code of Ethics
Support and resources:
  • Training materials designed in compliance with ICF’s requirements and in accordance with the ICF’s core competencies.
  • Final exam validated by the ICF.
  • Diploma awarded by EEC and approved ACTP from ICF.
  • Consulting with teachers, trainers, and supervisors who are MCC, PCC and ACC coaches.
TOTAL 196 hours

    Cycle I
  • 32h synchronous theory-based training webinars and experiential dynamics
  • 8h assignment and homework
  • 6h individual coaching with a PCC coach form our team

  • Calendar Cycle I

    SEPTEMBER 2024

    Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm to 8pm. (Madrid Time)
    17th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 26th, 27th of September + 1st, 2nd of October
    + 3 sessions with a PCC coach form our team to be set by participan when convenient.

    Calendar Cycle II

    OCTOBER 2024 - MARCH 2025 From October 8th, 2024 to March 27th 2024. From 4pm to 6pm, 7pm, 8pm or 9pm.

  • 111h synchronous theory-based training webinars, coaching practices and experiential dynamics
  • 25h assignment and homework
  • 10h mentoring
  • 4h career planning - next steps as a coach

  • 16 training sessions.
    8 coaching practices sessions.
    5 mentoring sessions.

Executive Coaching Certification Program

Cycle I: 2.178€

Cycle II: 7.260€

Total Cycle I and Cycle II: 9.438€ — choose to divide it in 4 installments.

Total Cycle I and Cycle II: 8.966,10€ — 5% offer, one whole payment before you start.

Contact us for other offers, payment methods and continue with your enrollment at

Our Executive Coaching Certification Program is a Level 2 Coaching Education certified by ICF and so follows the standards set by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest global Coaching Federation and the body that regulates the coaching sector worldwide.

Our comprehensive training guarantees the right to practice as a professional coach the day after completing the program.

At the end of the Program, you will receive the title of Executive Coach for the European School of Coaching as well as certification as a participant in Level 2 training program, approved by the ICF, that allows access to the ICF professional credentials: ACC (Associate Certified Coach), and PCC (Professional Certified Coach).

Building Trust
Acting responding and Reacting
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Three domains language, body, emotion

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What participants say about our Executive Coaching Certification Program

Patricia Vázquez-Dodero, Barcelona
Executive Coaching Certification Program
This has been a transformational process: I have had many learnings about myself, about how to accompany people to know what they want, and to focus on it.

I really liked the focus on the future, the help for reflection and personal decision taking, the way in which coaching puts each one in front of what they want and what stops them from focusing themselves towards it. .

Coaching transforms... better: we experience, and we are the ones who lead that transformation through coaching. I lead my own transformation and it has impact in the people around me».

Erika Lo Schiavo, Italy
Executive Coaching Certification Program
I take away lots of tips and perspectives about coaching and about how to approach people's challenges and exigences.

I feel I brought myself out there during the program, and that I grew up in terms of acquiring new points of view. Specifically, I found hard and extremely useful for me learning to practice feedback, both giving and receiving it. .

I feel satisfied about what I learnt and of how I faced it; in general, the environment was really supportive and encouraging so I found myself quite at ease».

Kate Jetmore, USA
Executive Coaching Certification Program
My training with EEC was a watershed moment in my life. This past year has been transformational, and I am stepping back into my life as a new version of myself.

When I decided to take this course, I never dreamed that I would evolve so deeply as a person. I feel fuller, more realized, and ready for what's to come».

Gabriela Erice, Belgium
Executive Coaching Certification Program
"The experiential and practical part is spectacular. Throughout the training, there is constant practice that allows you to consolidate and learn to apply everything you experience in the classes. This set you off on a process of personal growth and development that I find fundamental to then be able to accompany others."
Amalia Santos, Barcelona
Executive Coaching Certification Program
"The moment I walked into EEC I felt that I belonged there. I enjoyed the training methods, the content, the group dynamics and the practical exercises. I learned that the quality of a relationships depends on the conversations and that I am the too. Today, I am a freelance leadership and executive coach and I facilitate and coach and coaching is not only my profession, it’s part of who I am, it's my passion."
Jeremy Attelly, Manchester
Executive Coaching Certification Program
"I just realize how powerful this course has been. It was important then and it's even bigger now. I now realize the real transformation this course has brought to me: in how I express myself, how I think, and how I'm able to connect with people. It's pretty amazing to see how you are a different person, in a good sense, because it's something connected to your gut, your feelings, and your emotions. I know exactly who I am, what I want to do, and I enjoy it."

The team

A highly qualified group of people. Led by Silvia Guarnieri and Eva López-Acevedo founding partners of European School of Coaching, supported by a flexible and cross-disciplinary organization. More than 18 years of experience, more than 17,000 professionals from all over the world have trained with us.

Facilitators, coaches and trainers at European School of Coaching are specialized in Executive Coaching and are certified by European School of Coaching. We all hold qualifications from the ICF (International Coaching Federation) as well as extensive professional and business experience.

All our teaching team meet the requirements laid out by the ICF:

  • An evaluation and continuous training itinerary.
  • We adhere to the ICF code of ethics.
  • And in addition, supervisors have the Mentor Coach qualification approved by ICF.


Ariel Etbul

European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

Emilio Arsuaga

European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

Fiona Tucker

European School of Coaching Executive Coach & Team Coach

Rosa Coto

European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

Ruth Gavilán

European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach and Mentor Coach

Sofia Taouqi

European School of Coaching Executive Coach

Erik Vermeulen

European School of Coaching Executive & Team Coach

Vanessa Sancho

European School of Coaching Executive Coach

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