septiembre, por dónde empezar

Maybe you didn't get that job or promotion you wanted, your presentation didn't go so well, or your pitch got rejected. We typically don’t broadcast our failures, but giving voice to our setbacks can actually help us regroup and gain the support we need to rebuild our confidence and take back control of our careers. Start by feeling your feelings. You deserve time and space to process them. Add "venting" to your to-do list — but timebox it. Call a friend who will listen with empathy, but don’t let yourself spiral into negativity. Make sure you laugh too — it helps relieve stress. Create a list of possible next steps: What jobs or companies could you apply to next? How can you improve on your public speaking skills before your next presentation? What ideas could you build out into your next pitch? Finally, examine how you’re measuring success. Make a list of what’s really important to you. Ultimately, your definition of success should really align with your values.


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