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This Leader Coach Online Executive Coaching Program trains the influence, communication and leadership skills needed to be more effective in your workplace.

It also certifies you as a professional coach. In this online program you will incorporate the tools of the coach and practice what you have learned with your colleagues, your coach, your supervisor and your clients.

The online coaching training gives you the opportunity to go through an online coaching process with a professional EEC coach to work on a personal or professional challenge or objective.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is proactive and seeks to change the culture of the organization and its ultimate goal is change..


Synchronous classroom 'learning by doing' training plus an individual online coaching process for each participant


Technical follow-up by the technical coordinator assigned to the program for the proper functioning of the group.
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Our programme is geared to professionals who seek to improve their leadership skills and their ability to influence teams to ensure alignment is met.
32 HOURS training in online sessions .
6 HOURS coaching process with your coach.
8 HOURS of individual reading and studying time

Structured dynamics to individually integrate what is worked on collectively. Each person needs to develop some skills more than others. Your path is unique, it is only yours.

Our educational approach is based on the combination of theoretical sessions with permanent practices that guarantee a complete training and ensure a transformational learning, through

Online Coaching Session: You will experience first-hand the benefits of coaching during coaching sessions in different formats, as a client (coachee) and as a coach, relying on observation and feedback from supervisors-mentors.

Experiential training: the practices and experiential exercises that allow the concepts to be experienced in first person and incorporated little by little guarantee learning and that the participants handle them fluently at the end of the program.

Learning Culture: In the program, participants also work in groups, small learning communities, which receive personalised support from the EEC teaching team, and allow you to feel a leader in their personal and professional development and to achieve success.

Business approach: the teaching sessions and case studies focus on the analysis of challenges, opportunities, areas for improvement and strengths to improve and stimulate the path to achievement.

Synchronous classroom: allows the realization of teaching and training through a computer connected to the Internet. These are live synchronous sessions in real time between colleagues and EEC trainers, coaches or supervisors. We use a specific computer platform for training and provide personalised technical assistance at every stage of the connection


The capacity of influence, communication and leadership.
Coaching skills and tools into the professional work of the manager, his team and his organization.
Become a leader-coach.


Transformational leadership vs. Transactional Leadership
The relationship between coach and coachee I How to create context and trust I The importance of listening. The coherence between body, emotion and language.
Change of type of observer. Identifying coaching concepts I Believes I Deeper approach to generating context and listening.
Mental models: beliefs, facts and reviews. How to get the customer to question their limiting beliefs and change them by powerful ones. I 360o Feedback Tool Development and its implementation through case studies.
Ideal situation and Action Plan I Power of a vision I Resistance to change I Tracking and measuring.Designing a conversation.
You will have a private executive coaching process with one of EEC’s professional coaches. Each coaching process consists of three individual sessions. These will be set by coach and coachee (participant) dependeing on their own agenda. The time for each session is between 2 hours and 1 1/2 hours.
Admission requirements
University education and at least three years' work experience.
Complete a registration form and send a profile photo.
Send an updated resume.
Conduct a personal telephone or face-to-face interview.
Sign a confidentiality agreement, which guarantees a protected working environment for participants.



* Access to the EEC Campus is granted on the days prior to the start of each training course and it will be necessary to have paid for the programme in order to start browsing. Consult conditions in each case.

Payement Terms
LEADER COACH ACSTH PROGRAM _______________________ 2.178€.
At the end of the program, your will receive a diploma by EEC as trained in this ACSTH program also accredited by ICF. This is enough to start a professional career as a coach in ICF. Accessing other certifications, such as ACC (Associate Certified Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and MCC (Master Certified Coach) by completing ICF standards (visit

The program is supported by the EEC Campus, a multi-device platform that will allow you to access material, documentation and academic proposals complementary to training 24x7, from any place and at any time.

At the EEC Campus you will also be able to establish contact with your colleagues, facilitators and coaches to generate new learning from collaboration. This EEC Campus is developed with Canvas, the tool used by 9 of the 10 best Business Schools in the world.

EEC offers you a technical assistance service during the whole training.

Technology specialists will assist you during each and every online connection, to ensure that you can view all the training in a synchronous classroom. In addition, technical support is extended to the EEC Campus, to ensure that you can access and use this virtual academic platform correctly.

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