The program

Executive coaching enhances and develops the skills and talents of a person or a group of people in line with the objectives and results they want to achieve. Through conversation and powerful questions, as a coach you will facilitate self-knowledge, reflection and new perspectives that allow your client to respond to their challenges through an action plan.

How long until you perform to your full potential?

Can your family, your company, the world wait?

Why keep put off doing what you really enjoy doing and are best at?

If you are interested in people, if you are curious about the processes of change and learning, if you’d like to know how to get rid of certain narrow mindets… If you feel you need to take a step further in your own development to finally share all that you have to offer…

Is the coaching profession what you are looking for?

The Executive Coaching Certification Program trains the communication and leadership skills needed to work in business. It is also the first step to becoming a certified coach, since it offers you the ACTP certification and trains you in the key competencies for the professional practice of coaching.


Experiment change through live online training sessions, with 'learning by doing' dynamics, plus an individual online coaching process for you and each participant.


You will receive technical aide and follow-up by a technical coordinator assigned to the program for the proper functioning of your connections.


Your evolution as a student-coach will be unique, we’ll make sure you are incorporating the key competencies to become a coach by the end of the program.

Learn by doing coaching

We understand coaching as an art. In order to practice it, it's not enough to master the theory and know the technique at a conceptual level, coaching is about putting into practice learnings and operating with the tools that allow coaches to achieve results.

Our teaching approach is based on the combination of lectures and learning by doing dynamics, with permanent practices that guarantee a complete experiential training and ensure a transformational learning, through:

Our teaching methodology and specific practical dynamics ensure your learning happens in your Being and not only in your Doing. Each person needs to develop some skills more than others, and at EEC we partner with you on this unique path, which is yours alone, until you reach 100% of the skills that every coach needs. No matter how long it takes, we go hand in hand.

Receive lectures and training sessions with the best coaches and facilitators: your trainers will be experienced coaches with an active on going career as executive coaches in different companies, with the ability to advance the subjects while managing the emerging issues that arise in each group. Without empathic listening there is no learning.

Accompanied by a team of technical specialists. We provide you with technical assistance services throughout the training. Our IT specialists will assist you during each and every online connection, to ensure that you can pe a part of all the synchronous classroom training sessions as well as to fully exploit EEC Campus, by Canvas, to ensure your correct access and use of this virtual academic platform.

The goals

Why be a part of this experience?

— To practice a profession of the future: online coaching

— To start a new career: online coaching

— To become a professional executive coach: online coaching

You will also:

  • Identify the skills you already have developed and which ones you need to strengthen
  • Work on empathy in an experiential way
  • Connect with your authenticity and be a coach from there, from your Self.
  • Discover the hidden talent in people to put it at the service of the common good
  • Enable futures and possibilities for yourself during training and for others in your professional work as a coach.
  • Train in community through virtual platforms that allow you to generate collaborative learning.
  • Inquire into your own mindsets, certainties, belief systems, put the mirror looking back at you with the coach that we will assign you in three individual sessions.
  • Breathe and experience as a client the tools and the role of the coach to put them at the service of your future coaching profession.

What will you achieve?

  • New techniques and skills to enhance your professional and personal development.
  • To lead in a more effective way and put into practice the tools of coaching in the company and in your environment.
  • Greater self-knowledge that allows you to expand your individual capacity to use your own talents and resources in the present and future.
  • Start a new professional career as an executive coach.

The team

A highly qualified group of people. The top management at Escuela Europea de Coaching corresponds to its founding partners, Silvia Guarnieri and Eva López-Acevedo, supported by a flexible and cross-disciplinary organization. More than 18 years of experience and more than 17,000 professionals have trained with us all over the world.

Facilitators, coaches and trainers at Escuela Europea de Coaching are specialized in Executive Coaching and are certified by EEC. We all hold the maximum qualifications from ICF (International Coaching Federation) as well as extensive professional and business experience.

All our teaching team meets the requirements demanded by ICF:

  • An evaluation and continuous training itinerary.
  • We adhere to the ICF code of ethics.
  • And in addition, supervisors have the Mentor Coach qualification approved by ICF.

  • Here are the professionals who will walk with you along this path:

Ariel Etbul

Executive & Team Coach by EEC

Emilio Arsuaga

Executive Coach by EEC

Fiona Tucker

Executive Coach by EEC

Isabel Cid-Harguindey

Executive Coach by EEC

Rosa Coto

Executive Coach by EEC

Ruth Gavilán

Executive Coach by EEC

Yanina Carchak

Executive Coach by EEC


Our Executive Coaching Certification Program is approved and recognized as ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest federation of coaches and the body that regulates the coaching sector worldwide.

Our comprehensive training guarantees you the possibility of practicing as a coach professionally the day after completing the program.

TOTAL PROGRAM : 194 hours.

— 149 hours lectures, training and coaching practices in live online classroom + 6h individual coaching process + 10h of coaching practices + 43h of assignments, readings and reports).
— Diploma by EEC and approved ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) by ICF.

More info

Why at EEC

Escuela Europea de Coaching, we are executive coaching and consulting experts partnering with people and organizations to expand their future innovating in methods and humanizing processes since 2003; a team of brave agile professionals with a boutique spirit committed to the sustainable development of people, teams, systems and organizations.

Escuela Europea de Coaching is growth, transformation, evolution, and future.

  • More than 4,500 certified coaches.
  • More than 17,000 students worldwide and more than 400 client companies.
  • Spain, Andorra, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia.

  • We are the result of the trust of companies and people

    We are the result of the trust of large and small companies, and of many, many people.

    How about you?

    We want to walk with you in your transformation process, and co-create new possible scenarios that generate meaningful connections with your interests and values.

    Escuela Europea de Coaching. Expanding futures.